Hubs, FabLabs & Hacker Spaces

In addition to the arts, cultural and educational facilities one of the things that comes up when discussing the waterfront development is creating a space that fosters innovation, a place where the industry of post-industrial economies can thrive. I get emails and frequent suggestions that we look into things like the venture capital attracting Hubs that originated in Berkley, MIT’s FabLabs, Hacker Spaces, and other similar sorts of spaces. I think it’s worth looking into, and it will be interesting to see how these things factor in to the discussion in March as everyone starts posting their ideas on the gallery walls…

Now, this is by far not the only sort of discussion I hear, there is the odd mockery of a rumoured plan to populate the site with beach volley courts too, but serious discussions seem to seek to balance family friendliness with a quest for meaningful sites for youth and desires to highlight history, empower culture and facilitate innovation.