Port Talk…to my question….

On 14 Feb 2013, 11:10pm, a member of the North Van Urban Forum posted this on porttalk.ca, Port Metro Vancouver’s engagement and consultation tool for connecting with people in the communities in which they operate:

Do “long-term” noise monitoring stations mean permanent? Why is the port not taking an approach consistent with that of YVR with regards to noise management for neighbours? Both are federally managed.

The response:

For the Low Level Road Project, Port Metro Vancouver is using noise monitors to determine the noise environment before and after the project is complete to validate the effectiveness of the noise mitigation measures that will be implemented as part of the Project (e.g. noise walls, angled retaining walls). The intention is to make these monitors permanent to enable long-term noise monitoring of port operations and to identify areas of concern with respect to port noise.

Cindy McCarthy at 11 Mar 2013, 3:51pm
The North Van Urban Forum encourages the port to set baselines for air quality, emissions, and noise along the port area. Port Metro Vancouver appears to be committing to that in the message above. If these measures are important to you, let us know and let Port Metro Vancouver know via porttalk.ca and their public consultations.