This Week: Pittsburgh

Is it too late?

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Not a lot of posts coming this week.  I’ll be in Pittsburgh for the “Remaking Cities Conference” as a ‘thought leader speaker’ – which means I have ten minutes in one of the workshops to be provocative.  

So here’s  what I’ll say, condensed into four hundred words and posted in the “Pre-Read Material” along with the other thought leaders here:


Is it too late?

Carbon in the atmosphere is already over 400 ppm; there will minimally be an

increase in temperature of 2 degrees (C), our leaders are in denial or paralyzed

by the prospect of taking any action that would make a difference. Climate

change is too slow, too global, too difficult for the current generation. We prefer

not to ponder an apocalyptic future, especially if we’ll be cashing out before the

horsemen show up.

If it is too late, what is the point of urban design that only cosmetically…

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