Pete McMartin: Paying for climate change — Tax the polluters

Re-posted from the Vancouver Sun – Pete McMartin – December 19 2013


The coal-handling facilities at Port Metro Vancouver’s Neptune Terminal in North Vancouver.
Photograph by: Gerry Kahrmann TBA , Vancouver Sun

“While it has been engaged in an expensive public relations campaign to polish its image — including TV ads on how it has been reducing its carbon footprint — the port has been busy encouraging the expansion and industrialization of Vancouver harbour and the Fraser River, with an emphasis on huge increases in the export of fossil fuels — coal, oil, jet fuel and bitumen. It has also encouraged a huge increase in infrastructure construction to facilitate the transport of those goods through Metro.

But as to its responsibility concerning the nature of those exports?

“We do not decide international trade policies that control what can or cannot be exported,” the port has replied to critics on its website.”

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