Rally/Demonstration to Oppose The scrapping of the stern of the Flamborough Head

Rally/Demonstration to Oppose The scrapping of the stern of the Flamborough Head. THIS SATURDAY !!!

WHEN: The rally will be held on Saturday, January 18th. from 11 to noon.

WHERE: It will be south of the Pinnacle Hotel in Ship-Builders’ Square.

WHAT: Several North Shore groups are calling for a demonstration of public opposition to the decision to scrap the stern of the Flamborough Head.

If you can attend or not PLEASE sign this online petition http://chn.ge/1fyZnYWto the mayor and council.

Many North Van residents are expressing disagreement with the City’s decision to scrap the stern of the Flamborough Head which is the last remaining example of the 300 Victory ships that were built in the Burrard Shipyards thanks to the efforts of the men and women who built them.

The rally will also be a public demonstration of dissatisfaction that such an important decision was made ‘in camera’!
It will demonstrate people’s wish for greater transparency in such a major decision.

We call on Council to:
• Stop work and hold a public meeting
• Take greater account of the community’s wishes

The stern of the Flamborough Head is in remarkably good condition and together with the engine (the model used in the movie Titanic!) and the propeller would make a major tourist destination landmark and a unique icon on the NV waterfront..

This would celebrate the Heritage of the City of North Vancouver as well as benefiting the hospitality industry and related businesses.

All those attending are invited to bring a sign or print out a copy of the photograph of the stern of the Flamborough Head to bring and hold as an indication of their support.

Everyone is also invited to go to: http://chn.ge/1fyZnYW and ‘sign’ the petition to the mayor and council.