Mission:  The purpose of the North Van Urban Forum is to urge and facilitate transparency and public participation in all aspects of the development of the public realm in our community.  Part environmentalist, part heritage preservation activist, part urbanist, part arts and culture enthusiast, the mission of the North Van Urban Forum is to channel community energies towards a thoughtful, richly collaborative and thoroughly community rooted development of the urban space we inhabit; efforts that go hand-in-hand with seeking to ensure transparency in urban development processes.

Vision:  The development of communities, and urban spaces in particular, is a collaborative, collective and cumulative effort.  However, in recent years with the emerging dominance of big boxes and large towers, participation in this effort has become centred around a limited number of privileged actors and proceeds with little engagement with or from the public, resulting in urban spaces which can be perceived as alienating disappointments rather than rich sources of common pride.

The North Van Urban Forum acknowledges this and envisions an approach to urban development where communities are richly engaged in the building of the place where they live and work, and where the development of the public realm occurs in a thoughtful, collaborative, transparent and widely participatory manner; where through participation communities are given the capacity to take ownership of, have pride in, and truly hold in common the urban environment they inhabit, co-create and will one day bequeath.  It is our mission to engage in the development of our community with this vision in mind.