North Van Design Jam – 1st Place Winner

North Vancouver Lot 5 Design Proposal

by Timothy Flores

North Van Design Jam – Grand Prize Winner!

Timothy Flores' submission features a covered market and public plaza.

Timothy Flores’ submission features a covered market and public plaza.

The design proposal has six components, which are all acting as one to create a public realm that brings a sense of place to North Vancouver.

These six components serve different functions and each brings a unique experience to the area, and they compli- ment the existing uses.

Pylons, gable roofs, and rectilinear forms reflect the design elements of the surrounding structures.

Shades, steps, furniture, and corners animate the area to provide comfort, shelter, and a place to hang out and relax. The area will provide social spaces for congregation and individual corners for meditation.

Spaces for commercial and retail uses provide local, independent stores the opportunity to locate and provide services to the parkgoers.

The design relates to its context and creates opportunities for connections with Lonsdale Quay, the transportation depot, trails and parks, and other commercial and retail establishments.

The design proposal involves creating spaces that serves everyone in the community.

Academic institutions, museums, schools, and social and cultural facilities will have a space to connect with the residents.

A Community Garden will provide the residents the opportunity to grow organic produce.

A playground will provide families and children a place to meet, play, and unwind.

A plaza will serve as a space for social and cultural activities.

Formal and informal gathering spaces provide opportunities for social interactions and relaxation.

A central water feature will act as the focal point in the summer and winter when it gets converted into an ice rink.

A marketplace that will be open throughout the year will provide space and shelter for local flea markets and similar activities.