Pier Urban

by Alex Buss and Alexandra Kenyon

North Van Design Jam Runner Up

Submission 2-A

“mixing community infrastructural amenity to enable a finer grain urbanism”

This proposal for Lot 5 looks to further activate the Lower Lonsdale waterfront through the creation of an enhanced urban armature that offers both needed public amenity and a kind of base “infrastructure” that will enable future adaptations and activities. Titled “Pier Urban”, this proposal maintains Lot 5’s openness and flexibility to continue to engage the community in meaningful conversations about the type of city we want to create and live in.

Two examples of community infrastructure within this proposal are:

• A satellite branch of the CNV Library offers a spectacular Reading Room overlooking the Submission 2-BBurrard Inlet. This new type of library provides a generous space to read and work, a curated selection of new book and media titles, and a place to return borrowed items all within walking distance from existing and future Lower Lonsdale developments.

• The sloped Harbour Plaza creates a new connection with the water which is currently unavailable in North Vancouver. This large plinth is the ideal place to sit on a hot summer day and watch people launch kayaks. Next month, it will become a space for a temporary art installation. Tidy public change facilities are located directly adjacent and now make jumping off the dock to cool down or exercising with a few laps in the seasonal swimming barge all possible and convenient.

By mixing different types of community infrastructure together, a series of simply programmed spaces emerge (interior, covered, and exterior) that are rich with potential for activation. As residents learn to use the space, it engages them further in their city by provoking new questions about future uses and opportunities;

Can our industrial neighbours sponsor a swimming barge during the summer? Can an educational institution sponsor and organize a public lecture series? Can outdoor performances or a public market be held rain or shine? Can we watch and experience the tide in the city? What makes this section of Spirit Trail special? Can I work or study locally in a great space? When are they going to show my favorite movie at the outdoor cinema?