Shiphull Arts Centre

by Jim Dodd

North Van Design Jam – Honourable Mention

Shiphull Centre _ ExteriorI foresee a large building in a U shape with the end of the U facing the sea.

The building would be about 6 or 8 stories with open balconies surrounding the interior forming an amphitheatre with vertical sides – where big venues can be put on. Symphonies, Operas, Theatre Production, Ballet etc…

The ship section would be just outside the entrance to the U and the U would have the lines of a large ship hull with the bow at the N end.

East half would be College, the West half offices and Commercial on the lower two floors. I think a big two storey restaurant would be the bridge of the ship at the north end with an observation deck with seating and garden as the roof. The restaurant would have exterior seating on the roof of the main hull structure. The amphitheatre below would probably have to be closed in. I was sort of thinking a giant glassed enclosure shaped like the end of the ship. Very large doors that can be opened in the good weather. The seating would be in the bottom of the U and arcing partway up the sides on the ground level. The large platform in the open centre would be the stage which could be used in both directions. Easily large enough for Symphonies and Opera etc.

Drops/Sets etc would be stored under stage and pulled up into upper structure. The upper levels (4 stories) facing into the U would all have enclosed seating looking down into the open theatre area. Behind the seating enclosures would be open hallways with office/commercial units.

Shiphull Centre_InteriorI puzzled about the vertical seating on the upper floors and envisioned a corridor mainly of glass to allow maximum light with mainly glass walls and doors to the enclosed balcony seat areas which would have open railing/glass fronts so the sound from below could be heard. These would be closed and locked when not in use. Off the corridors behind these would be the offices etc. I was envisioning a 5/6 storey building in my drawing. To help pay for all this I thought the bottom two floors would be commercial – then college/offices above.

two levels of commercial restaurants/bars along Italian style streets – each side The stage could also be set facing s. with the large doors opened for music concerts etc to a crowd outside.

Voila…. The Shiphull Arts Centre.