VFF Film Festival Archives – Lot 5

by Golya Mirderikvand and Sung Yoon

North Van Design Jam – Honourable Mention


archive/screening centre/small-group viewing facility hosting the films and the history of the lower mainland’s myriad film festivals

Proposal for Lot 5, located in the North Vancouver’s waterfront

Written proposal: Golya Mirderikvand

Design: Sung Yoon

Submission 4-BFACT: Vancouver is known as having North America’s third largest film industry.

Identified Problem

There are about fifteen different film festivals that occur in Vancouver annually (see appendix); each packed with films pertaining to their own wonderful genres. The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) alone showcases movies from 60+ countries. With so many different interesting film festivals occurring throughout the year, it is a mere impossibility to attend and stay informed of them all. Furthermore, with the closure of most video/DVD rental facilities and the move towards acquiring or renting movies online, most festival films have become difficult to obtain after the festival’s are finished as these films are often times deemed non-mainstream and low on the list of priority to make available to the public.


To provide the public with better access to the festival films that tour through Vancouver annually.

Submission 4-AProposed Solution

Film Festival Archives: a physical facility where all of the festival films which tour through the Lower Mainland annually, are archived and made available to the public. Such a facility would be the first of its kind in the Vancouver area to house and store all of the various festival films in one location. One of the main purposes of having a physical location as such would be to make these festival films available and accessible to the public on-site.


Multi-Purpose Infrastructure.

Adjoined to multi-purpose viewing auditorium with large screen to be shared as a conference facility, public theatre, and screening centre the Festival Archives willhost a selection of screening rooms for small groups and a small screening battery for individuals.

Revenue Generating Community Space

A large concession area will not only facilitate community interaction, but with an exceptional café and restaurant operating 16hrs/day it will generate significant revenues fueling the social service oriented aspects of the Archives.

Digital Archive

The digital archive, available online as well as via our on-site facilities will not only provide a vital service to the film makers of the festivals the archive will service, but it will also generate revenue 24/7 through online rentals.

Cultural Magnetism

Adding to the cultural infrastructure of Canada and the Lower Mainland in general and North Vancouver in particular, this facility would further solidify our place on the global map as a place of innovation and cultural vitality.

Why the waterfront area in North Vancouver?

Scholarship / Community / Cultural Tourism

Having such a unique facility located at the heart of the waterfront would attract people from all over the lower mainland to visit North Vancouver. The Film Festival Archives along with other arts and cultural organizations in the Lower Lonsdale area, such as the Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver Museum & Archives, and the café for contemporary art would serve to connect the public to relevant cultural happenings thereby making Lower Lonsdale a destination for intellectual and cultural stimulation. Furthermore, while offering greater profile to the myriad festivals occurring in the region, the facilities would be a destination for film and cultural studies scholars from far and wide. Additionally, such a centre would be an ideal adjunct to the Capilano University’s Film Studies programme offering a unique educational facility that would be as open to students as the public.

Regarding Architecture

Reflecting the environmental consciousness of our generation and community, the facility will be built using low-cost, often reclaimed materials, composed in a manner that references or implies the multi-layered history of the site.

Reference Facilities

Kunsthalle Platoon, Seoul/Berlin