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An Obituary: CAFCA Bids Adieu


This week the North Van community took a hit. The Cafe for Contemporary Art closed its doors for the last time, leaving a hole in the fabric of our neighbourhood. CAFCA was more… Continue reading

“The Meeting” Comes to North Van!


Gotta love public art!  As part of the Vancouver Biennale, a new public art piece has been installed in North Vancouver – Wang Shugang’s “The Meeting” has popped up  in Rey Sargent Park… Continue reading

In Camera Reflections: Pondering Council’s Predilection for Closed Session Discussion


On Saturday the 18th of January a group of concerned citizens roused themselves on the North Van waterfront, to rally in support of the stern of the Flamborough Head – the last of the… Continue reading

Celebrating a Rainy City


Who doesn’t love summer in Vancouver? Indeed when the sun is shining, when the incessant drizzle hangs up its dreary hat and gives us all a welcome reprieve, it is hard to imagine… Continue reading

When It Comes To The Built Environment, Aesthetics Matter


Aesthetics matter, and I’ll tell you why I think so. It’s about a concept that is all too infrequently raised in discussions about the development of the urban realm: mood. This year the… Continue reading

There’s Nothing Pedestrian About City Planning….


As civic crusaders we expend an inordinate amount of energy focused on the minutiae of local politics – it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that our struggles are universal.  We have… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Onni, to North Van City Council, to the Wider Community of the City of North Vancouver


I’d like to say first and foremost that I don’t envy the position of Council right now.  Underscoring this entire conversation is the glaring fact that the Safeway site, as it stands, is… Continue reading

The Promise of Lot 5 – Part 1 (Context)


I hate to keep beating the same, smug, travellers drum, but please can we take a moment to step back from our political bickerings, use the world as our muse, and think creatively?… Continue reading

From Medellin to North Vancouver: World Inspirations


On Wednesday night we heard from Graham Macdonald, graduate associate of the University of Toronto’s ‘Cities Centre’, as he presented his Masters thesis to us on ‘Creativity in Vanuatu and Social Urbanism in… Continue reading

The Bus Stop of the Future


Now here’s an idea….  I came across this article regarding the new direction for bus stops in Paris.  Note to the District of NV: Let’s do something like this at Phibbs Exchange.  Has… Continue reading

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